Bad Boy Buggies Bad Boy LD

Bad Boy Buggies
Bad Boy LD
The Bad Boy LD a a working champ that has a large bed and an open top.
Model Bad Boy LD Gasoline
Color Standard: Realtree AP
Engine Four-Cycle 24.5 cu in (401cc), 13 hp Single-Cylinder OHV with Hemispheric Combustion Chamber, manufactured by Kawasaki
Differential Open Differential with Helical Gears
  Ratio: 11:42:1 (forward) 15:78:1 (reverse)
Tires Standard: Trail Wolf Uni-directional (20 x 11-10)
Suspension Front: Leaf Springs with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
  Rear: Leaf Springs with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Load Capacity Cargo Bed: 400 lbs
  Total Capacity (including passengers) 800 lbs
  Towing Capacity: 400 lbs
Breaking Service: Rear Wheel Mechanical Self Adjusting Drum
  Parking: Self-Compensating, Single-Point Engagement
Drive Train Direct 2WD Rear
Dimensions Wheelbase: 65.5 in
  Length: 103.0 in
  Width: 46.5 in
  Height: 78 in
  Weight 840 lbs
  Turning Dyameter: 19.9 ft
  Ground Clearance (Under Axle): 4.3 in
  Cargo Bed: 44.5 in W x 30.5 in L x 7.5 in D; 5.9 cu ft




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