Bad Boy Stretch

Bad Boy Buggies
Bad Boy Stretch

The Bad Boy Stretch can quietly drop off a few of your hunting buddies at their tree stands on the way to your secret spot. Engineered for hunting, Bad Boy Buggies are the ultimate all electric, off-road, eco-friendly, four-wheel drive vehicles.

Bad Boy Stretch Motors

Motor Type Dual 48 Volt DC Separately-Excited
Horsepower 37.6 Total (18.8 Front, 18.8 Rear)
Torque 140 Foot Pounds

Bad Boy Stretch Drive Train

Drive Direct Drive Front & Rear
4WD Full-Time 4WD

Bad Boy Stretch Tires

Front Tires 24” x 11” x 10” Directional Thread
Rear Tires 24” x 11” x 10” Directional Thread

Bad Boy Stretch Suspension

Front Suspension Straight Axle, Multi Leaf Springs
Rear Suspension Straight Axle, Multi Leaf Springs
Dual Braking System Rear Mechanical Drum & Regenerative Braking
Parking Brake Foot activated rear mechanical drum

Bad Boy Stretch Dimensions

Wheelbase 100.5 IN
Length 163 IN
Width 51.5 IN
Height 78 IN
Dry Weight 1766 LBS
Turning Diameter 31.5 FT
Ground Clearance 7.5 IN
Clearance @ center of frame 16.5 IN

Bad Boy Stretch Power

Batteries 8 - Heavy Duty Deep Cycle 6 Volt Batteries
Range 20-30 Miles Per Charge (Dependent upon Payload/Terrain)
Battery Life 3-5 Years (Results May Vary)
Charge Time 8-10 Hours to Fully Charge (Results May Vary)

Bad Boy Stretch Load Capacity

Cargo Bed 500 LBS
Front Basket 40 LBS
Vehicle Payload 1000 LBS
Towing Capacity 800 LBS (150 LB Max. Tongue Weight)
Cargo Bed Dimensions 42” x 32” X 7”

Bad Boy Stretch Other Specs

Colors Realtree HD
Model BBStretch



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