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Can-Am Outlander 650

Can Am Outlander 650

Leading the way with the most power and best power-to-weight ratio in all categories. The Outlander series adds the features and technologies that take such muscular performance and give it precision handling and comfort. Our exclusive Torsional Trailing arm Independent rear suspension eliminates scrub and camber changes. There’s more we could talk about, but riding one ride will tell you everything you need to know.

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Can-Am Outlander X mr

Can Am Outlander X mr

The Outlander X mr includes numerous mud-riding features that combine to create a more effective mud ATV such as adjustable-on-the-fly Air Control Suspension (ACS), Integrated Snorkel System (ISS) and more. Plus, our partnership with Gorilla Axle gives this vehicle tires for the finest mud performance driven by the most power in its class. Mud riding calls for a hardworking machine.

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Can-Am Outlander 1000

Can Am Outlander 1000

The Outlander 1000 and 800R models have been reinvented. With industry-leading engines to take on any off-road adventures, plus innovations that boost ride quality, comfort and precise handling. The Geometric Contact Control principle helps control unwanted vehicle behaviors. We asked riders what they wanted. Your feedback meshed with Can-Am DNA to create the new Outlander.

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Can Am Outlander Max 800

Can Am Outlander Max 800

Two-up capability with industry-leading Can-Am power across every category. From the 71-hp Rotax 800R to the 32-hp Rotax 400. Switch from one-up to two-up in seconds thanks to the unmatched versatility of the Convertible Rack/Seat System (CRS). The passenger rides in front of the rear axle, giving the driver more stability and consistent handling. Plus, there’s a host of ergonomic, passenger-focused features. And on solo rides, there’s loads of storage. Alone or with a passenger, the only question that will come up is, “Can we stay out here a little longer?”

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Can Am Renegade

Can Am Renegade

The Can Am Renegade is powered by the industry's most powerful engine, the 71-hp Rotax® 800R, it's the right blend of sport performance and 4x4 terrain ability. The race-inspired cross-country package, the Renegade X xc offers dual-mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS™), quick-engaging Visco-Lok† QE, front sway bar and beadlock wheels that prevent the tire from popping off the rim. Sure, it all looks great in here. But it doesn't really matter until you ride it.

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Can Am DS 450

Can Am DS 450

Performance should be a given, not an option. In developing the Can Am DS 450, we truly reinvented how a sport quad is built. With the industry’s first no-weld all-aluminum frame, hollow rear axle and inverted brake calipers. We then pushed the concept even further with two terrain-specific X models. The tight-woods racing DS 450 X xc and motocross-inspired DS 450 X mx. Both are equipped with industry-leading features and are ready to race right out of the box. You can read on. But eventually, you’re just going to have to ride one.

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Can Am DS 90

Can Am DS 90

Even your kids can tell you that the ride says it all. The Can Am DS 90 youth ATV delivers all the safety features you demand for your children, without compromising their fun. Your kids will love not having to shift gears or get off the vehicle to go into reverse, thanks to the CVT transmission with forward/neutral/reverse. They'll also appreciate the smooth ride with better bump absorption from the long travel suspension. Best of all, so will you.

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