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Can Am DS 450 Features

Rotax 449 cc EFI enginge

The Can Am DS 450 is equipped with a 449 cc 4-stroke EFI Rotax enginge, offers the largest bore (97 mm), the largest intake valves (38 mm), the largest throttle body (46 mm), and an almost straight intake path. With a concept referred to as "Durchzugskraft" or flow dynamics optimizaion, the enginge breathes easily can can produce more power. The DS 450 delivers the best power-to-weight ratio.


A maximum strength, no-weld, all-aluminum frame that uses a twin pyramidal structure. Major components are firmly secured to the Can Am DS 450 with aluminum fasteners called lock-bolts. The frame is stronger yet much lighter than a traditional frame.


This high-tensile, aluminum fastener eliminates the need for welds and heavy gussets. Airbus uses the same technology to attach the 119-foot wings of the A380, the world's largest aircraft. The stud is pre-stretched. The collar is then pressed in place over the deep grooves of th sud shank. Since there are no threads, the assembly is resistant to vibration.

Hollow Rear Axle

The hollow, high-strength steel axle on the Can Am DS 450 has been shortened by extending the length of aluminum hubs. The finl design: a shorer axle mated with "spider" all aluminum hubs with precision machined splines and longer arms. The rear unsprung weight of the Can Am DS 450 is therefore reduced, which also has a significant impact on mass centraliation and dry weight.

R-Type Double A-Arm Front Suspension

Longest aluminum upper and lower A-arms for a 46-inch sport ATV, one-piece aluminum knuckle and short spindle.

Inverted Brake Calipers

The Can Am DS 450 has inverted twin-piston brake calipers to offer impressive stopping power because of the larger brake discs.

Maximum Mass Centralization

Mass moment of inertia is a measure that indicates how difficult it is to put an object into rotation around its axis. The lower the measurement, the higher the mass centralization. The mass moment of inertia for the Can Am DS 450 is as low as possible for the greatest possible agility.

Shortened pindle

The spindle acts as a lever on the steering ball joints. The longer the lever, the more the kickback is transmitted to the steering when the wheel hits an obstacle. The Can Am DS 450 short spindle lever reduces negative steerig feedback, providing a more conidence-inspiring ride.

R-Type Rear Suspension

The Can Am DS 450 features chromoly hollow rear axie, extended-reach aluminum wheel hubs, aluminum sprocket, cast-aluminum swingarm, 10.5 inches of travel, kayaba HPG piggyback shock with preload, compression and rebound adjustment for the lowest possible unsprung weight and the most mass centralization.

KYB HPG Piggyback Front Shocks and Rear Shocks

Kayaba HPG piggyback shocks with compression, rebound and preload adjustments giving riders of the Can Am DS 450 flexibility of tuning the suspension to fit the terrain and riding style.

Can Am DS 450 Engine

Type 449.3 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-valve
head with high-flow “Durchzugskraft” design, 38 mm
intake valve, 31 mm Nimonic - alloy
Bore & Stroke 97 x 60.8 mm
EFI System / Carburetor 46-mm Throttle Body, 16 bit / 32-MHz CPU
Starting System Electric
Transmission 5-speed manual / heavy-duty clutch, 9 friction plates
with DirectLink mechanism
Drive Train 520 O-ring high capacity chain, aluminum sprocket hub,
aluminum sprocket, rigid axle

Can Am DS 450 Chassis

Frame ALTEC dual-pyramidal aluminum
Front Suspension Type R-Type forged aluminum Double A-arm – KYB∞ HPG
piggyback shocks with compression, rebound and preload adjustments
Front Suspension Travel 9.5 in (241 mm)
Rear Suspension Type R-Type cast-aluminum swingarm Chromoly hollow
rear axle KYB HPG piggyback shocks with compression,
rebound and preload adjustments
Rear Suspension Travel 10.5 in (267 mm)
Front Brake Dual 182 mm discs with inverted twin-piston calipers
Rear Brake 198 mm rotor with single piston caliper
Tires/Front ITP Holeshot SR 21 x 7R-10 in, ITP Holeshot SR 533 x 178R-254 mm
Tires/Rear ITP Holeshot SR 20 x 10R-9 in, ITP Holeshot SR 508 x 254R-229 mm
Wheels Polished aluminum

Can Am DS 450 Dimensions

L x W x H (in) 72.4 x 46 x 41.9 in
L x W x H (mm) 1,839 x 1,168 x 1,064 mm
Wheelbase 50 in (1,267 mm)
Seat Height 33 in (831 mm)
Ground Clearance 9 in under frame/ 5.2 in under rear axle
Dry Weight 349 lbs (158 kg)
Towing Capacity N/A
Rack Capacity N/A
Storage N/A
Fuel Capacity 3 US gal (11.5 L)



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