Polaris Sportsman 800

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Polaris ATVs

The 2011 Polaris Sportsman® 800 EFI ATV is our best-value big-bore ATV. It’s ideal for trail riding, hunting, and is the perfect utility ATV. For 2011: new styling, better sight lines and a raised radiator.

Polaris Sportsman 800 Features

Polaris Sportsman 800 Sportsman 800 EFI Big Bore Value

Engine placement moved rearward (3.1") for lighter steering effort and improved handling. With big towing capacity (1,500 lb.) and high ground clearance (11.25"), the 800 EFI continues the Sportsman legacy.

Polaris Sportsman 800

Polaris Sportsman 800 Legendary Smooth Rolled Independent Rear Suspension

The Polaris Sportsman was the world’s first ATV with IRS, a feature that made it as popular as it is today. Its rock-solid design has 9.5" of travel to minimize body roll and keep the ride smooth.

Polaris Sportsman 800 Restyled Design With Lock & Ride

A restyled body gives the Polaris Sportsman an aggressive new look and improved sight lines for the driver. The Lock & Ride composite front rack system and matching rear rack make it easy to carry gear.

Polaris Sportsman 800 Higher Radiator Placement

Radiator is mounted 3" higher in the chassis and angled rearward to keep it out of mud and you on.

Polaris Sportsman 800 High Ground Clearance

A full 11.25" of obstacle-clearing ground clearance lets you tackle some of the tougher terrain that comes your way.

Polaris Sportsman 800 On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

True AWD keeps you moving, automatically engaging all four wheels when you need more forward traction and reverting back to 2WD when you don’t. Other ATVs use a limited-slip differential, engaging only three wheels.



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