Stealth Commander 6 Passenger 64 Volt 4x4

Stealth Commander

It’s new, it’s big and it means business… Meet the Stealth Commander, the most aggressive and highest performing Six Passenger Electric Utility Vehicle in the industry. Sure, Commander has seating and payload to spare, but it also has power to spare. With a 64 Volt Electric Motor putting out 30 peak horsepower and “On Demand” Four Wheel Drive, Stealth Commander holds its own and then some.

Model Commander 6-Passenger - 64-Volt 4x4 All electric vehicle - Made in USA
Power Source 64 volt 30 peak horsepower electric motor
  130 ft. lbs. of peak torque
  high capacity, 8 volt deep cycle maintenance free, absorbed glass matt batteries
  dash mounted battery fuel gauge
  25 mile range on a full charge and proper charging habits
  100% waterproof - 800 amp 72 Volt controller designed for Stealth Manufacturing, LLC
   -13 degree f to 135 degree f operating range
  On board 20 amp charger/maintainer
  High performance forward and reverse switching system
Drivetrain Suspension "On Demand" 4 -wheel drive
  800 lb rated heavy duty rear leaf springs
  heavy-duty rear solid axle with shocks that gives a smooth ride and reduces the "energy-drainging drag" of IRS systems
  The industry's largest payload
  Inner and Outer CV joints on both half shafts
  Coil-over shock independent front suspension
  rack and pinion steering
Dimensions Appx. Weight: 1750 lbs
  Lift Height: 7.5" yielding 9.75" of static ground clearance
  Turning Radius: 308"
  Height: 80"
  Width: 52"
  Length: 150"
Chassis, Body Tires and Wheels Standard molded camouflage body design
  25" Mud Lite 6 ply off-road tires
  12" Steel Wheels
Additional Standard Equipment Roof Assembly
  New High performance forward and reverse switching system
  6 passenger seating with the rear 2 passenger seating converting to a flat bed (largest in the industry)
  head and tail lights
  Body Color Choices: Black, Green, White
Optional Equipment Front Basket
  Floor mounted gun rack
  running boards (stealth coated)
  Frotn Brush Guard
  LSV kit
  Aluminum Wheels



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